About Bheannaigh

Anna Osborne
Anna Osborne, Owner of Bheannaigh

Bheannaigh, pronounced "Ba-au-nu", is an Irish word meaning "blessed".

From a young age, I could "feel" people before coming face to face with them. I understood their moods and those tucked away feelings better than they cared to know. This lead me to Reflexology in hopes that I could help them ease their discomforts. As time went on I decided to venture into Cosmetology with the hopes of helping my clients feel good inside and out. After 6 years I stumbled onto Reiki, yet another stepping stone along my life path. Reiki has opened so many new amazing doors for me; so here am I extending my eclectic skill set to you.

Bheannaigh is my new chapter in this journey that I hope to share with you. Bheannaigh is in hopes "A place for You", a place where I aim to help you feel your own unique beauty. I'm here to offer you a comfortable and relaxing experience. A slice of time customized to you and your unique needs.

I ask you to come on in to a place for you. Take your shoes off, breath, and simply relax. I offer many modalities including Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Hot Stones, Reflexology, Bodywraps, Full Body Scrubs, Detoxifying wraps and masks, a variety of Facials, Chakra Balancing, Stone Work, Reiki, and Botanical Full Body waxing.

A Healer is not someone you go to "for" healing.
A Healer is someone who triggers your own ability to heal yourself.