Entities, Hauntings, Demons, & Spirit

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have had some form of experience with one or maybe even all of the above. Annndd it’s highly likely you are looking for help or information.

I’m here to help you navigate, but only if you’re ready to learn. Are you ready???

My entire life I have spent navigating the world of Demonic Entities, but here recently I have learned that this is not common for others. I understand now that this is just wild to think of it this way, but because I seen them regularly, I thought others could clearly see them too!

Let’s begin by understanding the word ‘Entity’ is an umbrella word. It encompasses many forms of energy and doesn’t necessarily mean ‘Negative”.

Demon is 100% negative, as negative as you can get. There is absolutely nothing positive about them.

Spirit is a Form of energy that is positive, funded by the energy of the Universe and will never drain you, never lead you toward anything negative, or steer you into any dangerous situations.

Haunting is a reference to Souls here on Earth that have not crossed over for whatever reason. These guys get a bit tricky. Many are stuck and could use help to cross over; some are negative and refuse to cross over, some are just wandering unsure what the hell is going on, and some just don’t know how to cross and need your assistance. Now, if you are seeing them – you need assistance managing your gift, if you haven’t received it yet. But that’s a whole other blog.

Now that you have an idea of how the references work, let’s step into some signs you’re noticing them around you.

Hauntings are the most common to notice because they tend to get into or intrude on your energy. This creates emotions that make you feel agitated and very tired. Oh and the creepy feeling someone is watching you. Then there’s the cold. . . Most notice a chill up the spine or a pocket of chilly air. This is them pulling energy from the air in order to communicate with you. You’ll see them move around in forms of blur or full blown apparitions and anything in between, depending on you and how you function. The way you see them, hear them, and communicate with them is totally personal to you. Please do not think we all communicate with them the same way, this often gets people in trouble.

Demons. These guys are not ok to fool with!! There is absolutely no mistaking you’re in their presence once you learn how to read your own energy, you will have bells and whistles going off left and right. BUT if you’re not familiar reading your energy, they can pull you in easily. Remember the cold with Hauntings? You’ll feel the cold for sure with Demonic Entities. Now keep in mind, the colder the air, the lower the vibration of the Entity you’re encountering. Ice cold is definitely Demonic because they are the lowest of vibrations! They will make sudden changes in your mood and the air around you. Irritation moves to new heights in pissed off, sadness hits depression, and so on. If you believe you’ve come into contact with a Demonic entity, PLEASE GET HELP!

Spirit. This I saved for last simply because it’s absolutely the best!! Spirit is all love. So much so, it’s addicting to be around. Spirit will give you guidance, understanding, peace, and of course absolute love.

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