Meet Anna

Hello & welcome to my Healing Space. My name is Anna Osborne-Reynolds, but most know me as Elizebeth.

I was born a Psychic Healing Empath.
I’ve been on a healing journey for quite a long time now.

Throughout my journey I have acquired many…

Meet Anna

“A Healer is not someone you go to “for” healing.
A Healer is someone who triggers your own ability to heal yourself.”


Come join the journey to find out who you really are meant to be. Lets uncover the fun & fascinating YOU!

Bheannaigh classes are meant to crack you open, reach your soul, and empower you.

The Magical Mystical you is just waiting to be found. . . .

Are you ready?

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Need to reach a place of healing emotionally or physically? A place of understanding or letting go?

Or maybe to get your thoughts back in order? Often wonder, why me?

I can help you. . Click the link below to open up to the world of healing with me ♡ Lets explore the magic of You ♡

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Hi I’m Donna

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