Intoduction to Anna & Energy

Meet Anna

Hello & welcome to my Healing Space. My name is Anna Osborne-Reynolds, but most know me as Elizebeth.

I was born a Psychic Healing Empath.
I’ve been on a healing journey for quite a long time now.

Throughout my journey I have acquired many titles & healing modalities, all of which you can find in – Introduction to Energy Healing.

All of my life I have been called to be a healer, hell it’s in my Astrology charts! Do you think I listened? Not really.

I searched for years, exploring Cosmetology, Massage, Tapping, etc, etc. Nothing did it for me. I still felt lost, as if I was searching and living in a space I didn’t belong, a world that didn’t make complete sense to me.

Nothing seemed to “just work out” for me.
Looking back I can see how I used my gifts for everyday basics and didn’t understand it.

I can see how I blocked myself from receiving, STILL didn’t get it.

Must have been my Taurus energy, right?

One day the Universe or God, however you choose to see it, flipped me on my ass. It took a complete mental & physical breakdown to realize my life purpose & gifts.
The recovery was hard, the work I put into it was more than I’d ever known, but here I am now. Lovin life, Understanding my purpose, Celebrating my differences, and willing to help you to do the same ♡

I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be a Holistic Healing Artist who could offer you Healings, Classes, Health information, and most of all, Self Empowerment.

Life has a funny way of informing you about who you’re meant to be. . . How will it inform you?

Care to share your journey with me?

You can connect with me on my Facebook group~ Spiritual Movement by Bheannaigh, my Bheannaigh page on Facebook, my YouTube Channel, & my Square store.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Blessings, Elizebeth

“We should learn the rules like a diligent student so that we can break them like an Artist”

Introduction to Energy Healing

Pranic Healing~ Prana is also known as our Life Force Energy. We collect that energy through proper connections to the Sun, Air, & the Earth. Living the way we do, we don’t always keep our Prana filled to its fullest & in turn we manifesting depression and/or other illnesses. Pranic Healing helps to restore this energy in self recovery/self healing.

Pleadian Healing~ This modality is much more complicated on the surface, but at it’s roots, Pleadian Healing involves light & sound paired with high vibrations & channeling messages on what your body needs.

Kundalini Artistry~ Kundalini is a Divine energy, a base for our Divine to rise. Unlike an awakening, Kundalini Artistry will gently coax this energy up and through to your Crown. I can get it started for you & give further instruction on how to finish, if you choose to. .

Usui & Karuna Reiki~ As a Teacher it’s hard for me to seperate these two forms of Reiki simply because the ultimate goal is the same. The differences only really come in when you’re a student learning them. Karuna tends to “blast” while Usui is very gentle.
In a nutshell- Reiki is a powerful & beautiful healing technique based on channeling energy into the client. It calms & relaxes the body & soul. Reiki aids the client on a deeper level of emotional & physical healing. Reiki is wonderful for unwinding tangled emotions and speeding up the healing process for physical illness & injuries as well!
Reiki is safe for babies, children, & pregnant women.

Urevia~ This modality is focused on negativity extraction. It removes negativity quickly and efficiently. It’s also wonderful for assisting the healing of physical injuries or illnesses.

BioEnergy Worker~ I work in your Energy Field with codes helping to unlock the ability to heal or dissolve blocks & patterns.

Yoga Instructor~ Yoga is a way of life, not simply an exercise. I utilize Yoga in my everyday life. It strengthens not only your core, but also your Prana.

Crystal Healer~ I LOVE my Crystals!!! They have brought me through many hiccups in this lifetime & continue to assist me on a daily basis. Crystals have their own Energy Codes that can breakdown some of the toughest blocks. I really enjoy having them around me and using them in sessions.