Services and Classes

I believe everyone of us has something unique to bring to the table, let’s see what yours is & who you truely are at Soul level ♡

Distance Services

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Reiki Session

45-75 minutes Reiki Session
45-75 minutes $75.00
All intuitively guided healings.
Usui, Karuna, & Urevia are energetic level healing offering a gentle release in blocks, stressors, traumas, & often times physical pain.
You'll also recieve channeled recommendations on how to heal.

Artistic Healing

Artistic Healing
Includes specific channeling & card pull for personal guidance. Can include 4 yes or no questions.

Energetic Scan

Energetic Scan
Includes entity removal & crossings. Heavier energetic blockages, past life clearing & healing. This could be of the body or home.

Chakra Balance

Balancing our Chakras allows our bodies to better communicate with itself. Balancing helps to open up energy blockages that ultimately hinder our thinking patterns, communication, and many times our physical health.

Chakra Balance Only
Reiki & Chakra Intensive

Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program
Includes 1 healing
Full email access to me Monday - Thursday
Channeled advice & assistance with personal growth for duration of the mentorship.


Bheannaigh Divine Academy of Metaphysical Studies

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Reiki 1&2 with a Twist

Reiki 1&2 with a Twist
This class is an intensive 4 week long class taught by 2 instructors with 2 different views & experiences giving you an advantage in the world of the Metaphysical.
Donna & Anna teach with the fusion of Yin & Yang properties, giving the ability to gain knowledge from the Light & the Dark.
You will not walk away from this class without a good understanding of who you are and how you'll work in the world of energy.

Class includes:
▪︎Reiki attunements for 1&2
▪︎Sub classes on the basics in the World of Energy so you have a solid foundation & understanding of what you can and can not do.
▪︎Soul Diagram informing you of your
•Soul Group/Origin
•Divine Energy Center
•Soul Vibration
•Spiritual Protection
•God Spark

Reiki 3 Bheannaigh Style

Reiki 3 Bheannaigh Style
This class works closely within my Heart Chakra.
Bheannaigh Style was created by me to better help bridge the gap from first starting out in Energy Work to the point of mastering it, well as close to mastering as you can get.
Reiki 3 is generally the level you will hold dear to your own Heart Chakra and work with the longest.

Class includes:
▪︎Reiki attunements for 3 & refreshers for your previous 1&2 Reik attunements.
▪︎More in depth training on working with your own personal gifts to amplify your Energy Practice
▪︎Holistic Health for you & Energy clearing
▪︎Breath work
▪︎Clearing negativity & low vibrational energy
▪︎Creating your personal Energetic signiture
▪︎and much more

Healing with Knowledge

Healing with Knowledge
A private class taught by Anna & Donna incorporating Knowledge & Healing customized just for you.
With a combination of our gifts we will provide:
A Secret Mysteries Reading
unlocking your Chiron; your wounded area, your hidden aspects of trauma.
This reading will enable us to provide Pranic Healing & teach you how to maintain stability, clarity, and continuous self healing.

Workshops~ Coming Soon

~Pendulum Work
~Health & Energy- How it affects us
~Card Reading- How to
~Connections to Energy- Where & How
~Yoga & the Chakras
~kryas & Mantras
~Crystals- parts 1,2,3, &4
~Light vs Dark . . . .or is it?

In Person Services

Coming Soon

Body Wraps

Purification Body Mask
Would you like to rid your body of heavy metal toxins? This wrap can help you do just that. With this service I will use a heat activated Charcoal mask from shoulders down to your feet, wrap you up, and allow you to just lay back and let the Purification begin.
Reiki Infused Bodywrap
For this particular wrap I will cover you from shoulders to feet in a wonderful moisturizing gel that keeps on giving even after it has dried! Once applied, just lay back and relax into a 30 min reiki session.
Refreshing Bodywrap infused w/ Flower Essences
This Wrap includes a hydrating gel from shoulders to toes that is food for the body with the help of Flower Essences! Your skin will come out of this wrap feeling refreshed and invigorated.
Detoxifying Lymphatic Wrap
$100.00 w/Facial $125.00
This wrap gets the Lymphatic System moving! Our Lymphatic system serves as our toxin highway, removing what our bodies don't absorb. It helps break open blockages that can create sore places, body discomfort, fatigue, and so on.

Energy Work

30 Minutes $30.00 / 60 minutes $60.00
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique based on channeling energy into the client. It is calming and very relaxing. Reiki aids the client on a deeper level of physical & emotional healing. Reiki is safe for babies, children, and pregnant women as well.
Chakra Balancing
Balancing our Chakras allows our bodies to better communicate with it's self. It helps to open up energy blockages that ultimately hinder our thinking patterns, communicating, and many times our physical health.
Reiki & Chakra Balancing
$75.00 45-75 minutes
Reiki for Children


Hot Stones & Essential Oils
Did you know each foot has about 7,200 nerve endings? And that your pores on your hands & feet are thicker & with out sebum giving your body the ability to absorb faster, making your legs and arms the straws to suck up the Essential oils into the rest of you body quicker? With a Hot Stones service you will receive warmed stones & custom essential oils strategically placed along your spine and on the bottoms of your feet followed by a relaxing hand & foot massage.


Exfoliating Body Scrub
Enjoy a hour of complete bliss with this all natural, hypoallergenic, ultra moisturizing full body scrub! Come out feeling baby soft with a glow!

Pair it with a facial so you can enjoy it from head to toe!

Exfoliating Body Scrub & Facial
Deep Cleansing Facial
This Facial is about 45 mins and is customized to your personal needs each and every time. I addition you will always get a deep cleanse, an exfoliation, and a moisturizer.
Detoxifying Charcoal Facial
Would you like to detoxify and remove those build ups? Charcoal is the #1 ingredient to do just that! With this Facial you will receive a cleanse, facial lymph drainage, and a charcoal mask, finished with a moisturizer. This particular Facial works wonders for the face alone or paired w/ the Purification Body Mask.


  • Free from animal testing
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial
  • Germ free
  • 30 years in waxing industry
  • Safe to use prior to surgical procedures
  • Non-wax
  • Non-sugar
  • Can be applied to any wax-able place on the body

It is all Botanical making it perfect for sensitive skin types that can’t be waxed with traditional hot wax. It joins w/the oils in the hair NOT the skin alleviating most pain associated with traditional hot wax. It can stagnate normal hair growth in 18-24 treatments. It is the Gold Standard in hair removal.

It is accompanied by Finipil to calm and cool the skin, stop break outs and bumps, reduce redness and sensitivity, eliminate ingrown hairs, and lengthen time between waxing services. Finipil can also be used as a facial application for breakouts and a primer for your make up.


Brow & Lip Combo
Under Arms
Full Arm (includes Under Arm)
Lower Arms
Chest (full only)
Back (full only)
Stomach/Happy Trail
$90.00 (includes Finipil)
$115.00 (includes Finipil)
$45.00 (includes Finipil)
Upper Legs
$45.00 (includes Finipil)
Lower Legs
$40.00 (includes Finipil)
Full Leg & Bikini Combo
$110.00 (includes Finipil)