Are you aware of how gifted you are?

I bet you have no idea just how many gifts you have either!

We are all born gifted in our own unique way. Our gifts can be the same, but my gifts are not like your gifts and visa versa. We are very unique in this manner. Think about children for example, have you ever looked at a small child and thought how gifted that child is at sports, music, writing, etc? As children we explore our gifts easily. We are not born with the idea of limitations, that is taught. A child will open their gifts through play. As adults we lose this, we implement the taught limitations and scare ourselves out of enjoyment. Joy and gratefulness are keys to to Self Empowerment and Self Empowerment is key to opening up to our fullest potential!

Now let’s think about what we do in this life. . .

Are you living up to your Soul’s potential? Is your current job sucking the life out of you? Are you truly happy? Or are you just going through the motions?

I see Soul Level Gifts as well as what you’re meant to do here. With a bit of time in conversation or Session I can pull out what you’re meant to be doing here. Book a session or Mentorship to find out.

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