For What Will It Be???


Woke up to this heavy energy yet again today.

I hear  “hold on and cease worry”. Cease worry?? But how? How do we cease worry in a world gone mad, full of hate, full of judgement, quick to hurt and slow to love? 

“We become the love” they say, “the safe haven, the quiet place”. . Within each of us is a well of power we have yet to tap into, but will soon. . Because soon this old world is going to finish it’s shift with or without us. 

To be honest, this scares me. I’m human too. Fears are abundant, fed by the element of air; the very element earth shifted to back in 2020.

Do you remember the predictions of how beautiful and amazing 2020 was going to be?? I remember.  I remember because, all I felt was dread! I couldn’t wrap my mind around why I felt so ‘doomed’, but I did. 

I decided to go in myself and ask ‘WHY’ no actually I demanded ‘WHY’ because, I refused to just give in. My guides told me many months before I closed my “brick & mortar” to close up and wait. “Really?” was all I could muster. . I worked so hard to build what I had!! WHY throw it all away!? It pulled at me to think I was going to close, to end what I built. So my ego had me searching for something new. If I was creating something new then I wasn’t ending it, right?? Again, EGO!! Like a faithful child I did what I was told, all the while mentally arguing it. Still in the back of my mind I knew the plans were just that; plans. What do they say about ‘the best laid plans’? Yeah, that’s it. My guides definitely got a good laugh, I’m sure! As I worked my way through 2020 I realized earth was regenerating, it was building something we hadn’t lived in yet. Then humans kicked in. . .

Wow are we powerful or what?? We can 100% create our own realities fueled by emotion. 

Emotion- THE NUMBER 1 key in manifesting. You create what you feel.Think about this for a moment. 2020 started off with the world working together, but only for a very short time. Then the anger, the struggle with reality, the hurt, the fear. It all exploded. For a short moment in time we all started to work together and that my friends is what was meant to happen! We were meant to love and live, not in harmony, but in unison. . . 

Well that went down the shitter fast, didn’t it?? All of a sudden no one cared about their neighbors any longer, no one cared how each other felt, instead it became a selfish game that continues to play out. No one could understand the simplistic concept of non judgement. So here we are now, living in a shit show! It does not matter what side of the table you are on, it’s a shit show. Let’s be honest here.

Now that this has become our reality, what are we left with?? Constant judgement? Constant conflict? Hurting and terrified on the inside. 
Well, let me leave you with something my guides brought into perspective for me- 
 “Healing is a process of removing the old to create the new. Burning down and destroying all that does not work. Within this lifetime, you will see such an act commence. The old ways are being taken in order to clear the energy for new to replace. Life as you know it will never be the same, time and space are shifting to accommodate this, pay attention. Pay attention to your neighbors near and far, lend understanding and kindness. Release judgement and fear, but understand it will get worse before it can get better. Be kind in all that you do, but be fierce. Go in and draw on the immense power you all carry, the love & gentle knowing you were born with.” 

So let us not give up or give in, let’s surrender to love and compassion for one another.

Blessings to you all, Elizebeth ♡

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