A Healer You Say . . .

Ever heard someone say to you – “you’re a natural healer” ??

WoW . . . .the weight that carries!

All my life I heard the above statement. Never once did anyone offer me any guidance afterwards. I think if there was anything that drove me nuts on my journey, that statement was it! I mean really, the nerve. LoL

Honestly though, how can you read me, feel me, try to understand me and yet, never guide me to any assistance in growing?? Oh yeah, that’s my responsibility.

So here I am, healing myself so that I can help others heal themselves, what a journey! One helluva life lesson it has been. So, think back to all the times you heard the “healer statement”, how did you feel then? How do you feel now? Any changes? I did notice each time I heard it, I had something going on in my life that just didn’t speak to me loud enough. Look, I’m rather bullheaded and require shit in my face on full blast for me to pay attention. Maybe you too considering you’re here reading this blog?! Hahahahha!! Look, I get it. Next step?? Learn to heal, right? No. First you need to understand who you are in healing. What is it you already do in the world of healing? Are you the old style healer? The new wave healer? Do you embody both, a combination of?? I can help. I’ve been the student more times than I thought I could be. I’ve learned first hand what works and what doesn’t. Reaching enlightenment isn’t the goal, learning, healing, and making it your own is.

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