Hi I’m Donna

Hello and welcome, my name is Donna. I am a extrasensory channeling psychic witch. That is a witch at the soul level. Certified as a Soul Alignment Practitioner, Unique Manifestation Diagrammer as well as an Astrologer and a reverend.  The specialty I work in is bringing light to ones shadow aspect. 

The Shadow Reveals the areas of the life where your deepest wounds and trauma reside. Now in-order to pinpoint healing at the root of the problem, think of a lighthouse that lets one know where the hidden dangers lay beneath the surface are located. 

 The Shadow aspect of your soul merely needs to be understood and appreciated. It is a early warning system you inherently have from the many lives and experiences.  This is the ‘let’s not do this’ ‘no way’ ‘ don’t know why but not good’ feelings you get in situations. May never been in the circumstance but a little…sometimes big, voice is screaming within to avoid the event going on.  This is your Shadow aspect recognizing a pattern.  

When the Shadow overtakes your life, you are working in the negative aspect of what it is meant to do.  May be unresolved karmic issue needing to be addressed. Even may be past life trauma that has never been healed.

This is where the Secret Mysteries shed light into the darkness. It also reveals three levels of expression of your Divine path to actualize your soul expression in the 3-D world.

Personal Modality I created is called the ‘Secret Mysteries’ hidden in plain sight. Within this modality certain specific astrological points are located and pinpointed to exact areas of life affected as well as the personality taken on by the aspect.  It is here where we see in the 3-D world the expression in your every day life.  Combine this with the Soul Expression of who you are at soul level in the 5-D world, will reveal the unique individual you are here on Earth.

This will help you to heal the part that needs attention with the guidance of our Elizebeth if needed, and recommended. I function as the lighthouse or diagnostician highlighting areas that may be blocked from view.

Thank you for opportunity to introduce myself and work.

Blessings of light and love

Donna S. Stearns

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